Silent fog and down the street
nights grow long. There you’ll meet
Death’s lady captor. Speak
of things you haven’t learned, erstwhile
she’ll listen and complete the story
as you forget. Do not stop for tea
and do not stop for sleep, pause,
only, you may hear whispering,
do not think of what it could be
and begin back your tale, cautiously
imply the boon of Life, no greater thing
than it and of itself, no greater boon
than to walk away, continue ‘bout your day.
She will stare curiously.
Tap you finger, one, two, three,
scratch your neck and snap your knee,
lick your eye and bend nostrils wide,
then call on Lady Life.
And suddenly, blue gray fog comes,
polite and sweet, it takes your chair.
You wake up,
you were always here.


Tales lit from across the East
Breathless, heartless entreaty
for those who’ve felt Time’s treasured hand,
for those who’ve danced with Death again.

Gilded corridors lost their captor.
She sleeps on the highest tower.
Still and quiet,
breathless, silent.

Calm flutters of Time pursue,
even torment her dreams
and on and on Death creeps
along. Each step and stairwell,
collecting but abiding
by the wild witches spell.

She dreams of him
beneath Time’s loving hand,
she waits for him,
knowing this the end.

No kiss to waken,
no warm touch, forsaken
within endless slumber.
Steadily does she give in,
patiently following
where others are due.

Spool and thread collect against bare skin,
tugging red, and black, and blue,
slowly knitting their way through.

Blood collects,
and pages furl,
slipping away
as Time turns still,
the final clock clicks.
Death kisses her
and all is well.

Bend and Bow

Solemn entreaty, those who’ve left,
shadows fade, bitterness remains.

There was talk of fragile things.
Secrets stored away in three’s.

Depart the way you came before,
I accompany to Nevermore.

I heard a candle wick.
Secrets bite and scratch and lick.

I heard life burst and bloom
I heard dreams sway and swoon,
dance and fall to Death.

The final boom
reminds them of before
you left to Nevermore.

Fabrics crease and tuck away.
Depart the same way you came.

There was talk of fragile things,
parting shadows came and kissed me.

Minds stoop and sigh and
recollect tonight.

Memory bends Eternally
Life and love pass Eternity.

Star Sky

I speak and reiterate.
Wheels spin, contemplate
the dying star above,
Were we dreaming
Or in love?

I turn my face.
I glance above and glance below,
I dream and linger, yearning
for old, forgotten whispers.

I heard across this dying star,
wondering where oh where you are,
and up above this lane so high
I heard voices in the sky.

Wizards seeking sanity.
A moon in lunacy,
in love, and in-sane,
Love gone old and gray.

I turn and spin.
Shadows wheel and win.
Voices breaking,
like this heart of hearts below.
I heard your tale deep in snow.
Scooped it up
held it tight,
but since last May, I cannot quite
remember what it was
that we stole.

Dying stars laugh above
Were they dreaming
Or in love?


And there you were,
there you were
Across a street
made of anti-gravity
Oysters down the lane
and I hope and pray
Hoping you’ll turn away
Shadows resonating
All around me
And there you were,
there you were.
Shadows mean so much to me.
Whisper more than speak
of how much you’ll miss me.
Turn your face away
Dip and turn, away
from me. But kiss me
before you leave
Kiss me down and deep
Before I forget, regret
slivers and I can’t forget
but I forget when I’m with you.
And there you were,
There you were
Oh baby how ‘bout we just forget,
Let regret have its day.
I keep falling forward
Shadows lurching up and down through
So keep me company
And keep me laughing
I’ll keep you close, clinging
When we should be running
Never said we’d be more…
Anti-gravity never said.